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Three-axis dispensing system is now a relatively common high-speed dispensing machine, so what is a three-axis dispensing machine? As the name implies, it has three axes, suitable for X, Y, Z and other ordinary plane work, three-axis type of high-speed di.



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The application of high-speed dispensing machine is in an upgraded state with the need of dispensing and other aspects. Some special industrial applications need to be strengthened by environmental protection and high-temperature glue. Therefore, the glue.



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Usually, the curing rate should be effectively accelerated by appropriate ways after using automatic equipment to coat or dispense glue. In this regard, the main application needs are batch production, such as mobile phone frame glue and metal buckle coat.



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Visual inspection device is an auxiliary device for scanning and positioning. After mounting the device, the visual dispensing machine can operate without special fixture reinforcement, the precision of scanning and positioning dispensing is high and stab.



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Metal buckle is an integral part of clothing and apparel. It has different shapes through coating and sculpture. Metal buckle coating is to coat a layer of paint on the surface groove for decoration. Generally speaking, the stability and efficiency of hig.



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After filling or coating with glue to the sealing position, a curing accelerator is usually used to accelerate the reaction rate of the colloid. This time, the automatic filling dispensing machine will control the movement of 3131 dispensing valve to alig.



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Many products on the market need to ensure that the role of dust-proof and waterproof is good. From this need, it can be seen that the application of glue-coated waterproof technology will be driven and extended. For example, the sealing of lamps and lant.



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The batch demand manufacturing of LED industry promotes the development trend of the whole industry. The production line of lamp seals generally has the synchronous demand of high quality and output. Therefore, it is necessary to complete the sealing work.



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At present, the application of coating, bonding and filling in most industries is carried out in the mode of coating single component epoxy adhesive. The single component colloid can be put into industrial application without adjusting the proportion. It .



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Nowadays, more and more applications in the industry need to achieve high precision and good quality adjustment. Therefore, a high-speed dispensing machine which can control the proportion of AB glue has become the most demanding application equipment. Th.



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Nowadays, the main device to control the flow of adhesive coating is automatic dispensing equipment. The effect of intelligent visual dispensing machine on the control of adhesive coating is far superior to that of traditional mode. For example, the dispe.



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Patch red adhesive refers to a kind of adhesive commonly used in SMT patch and PCB board coating. Because of its rapid curing after heating, it is often used in patch coating. It is relatively easy to control and has good heat resistance, and has no solve.



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From the properties of red glue, it can be seen that the temperature of red glue should be adjusted properly to apply in the links of dispensing coating, while the curing temperature of general red glue is between 150 and 170 degrees. In fact, most of the.



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Carbonization of glue is one of several problems in glue coating. The main reason for this phenomenon is that improper use or poor quality of glue may cause problems. The quality of the film after coating may lead to carbonization and reduce the applicati.



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The common waterproofing film in life is mainly used for waterproofing on automobile doors. The effect of waterproofing and blocking should be achieved by special way of coating. In view of the way that waterproofing film can be coated manually or uniform.



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Multiple capacitors, inductances, resistors and other components consisting of the upper end of the circuit board need to be strengthened by a set of related patch strengthening process. The application of SMT patch technology needs the auxiliary applicat.



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Whether it is PVC pipe coating or packaging box sealing, the adjusted hot melt glue fluid is used for bonding and sealing. Carbonization of hot melt glue has always been a factor affecting the bonding quality. In order to avoid the influence of carbonizat.



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Sometimes when mixing or adjusting glue, smoke will be seen, mainly with 502 or hot melt glue. This kind of glue smoke is adjusted to high temperature state by high-speed control. For example, PVC pipe coating and packaging box sealing need high temperatu.

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